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International Well Control Inc.

International Well Control Inc. provides Integrated Project Management for all types of well control operations on a 24/7 basis.

The IWC mandate is to assist the Client in regaining control of a well or facility in a safe and efficient operation to minimize the risk and exposure to the Client.

IWC personnel have extensive well control experience and use both conventional methods and innovative techniques in situations where conventional control methods are ineffective. Our members have been engaged in well control operations and wild well control operations in North and South America and throughout the world from the Kuwait desert (Gulf War) to the high Arctic to the South China Sea.

Corporate Overview

  • IWC engineers and operations personnel have been involved with well control, firefighting and capping operations for the past 40 years, both domestically and internationally.
  • IWC is dedicated to assisting the Client with control operations and focuses on the safety of the onsite personnel, protecting the environment and working in as efficient a manner as possible.
  • In situations where unconventional well control procedures must be utilized, IWC works with the Client to develop and implement innovative techniques to regain control of the well by using advanced capping techniques, snubbing and coiled tubing technology, and completing a relief well drilling feasibility assessment for the planning and execution of a relief well utilizing passive and active magnetic ranging.
  • IWC maintains a strategic alliance with Blowout Engineers, a Sierra Hamilton Company, headquartered in Houston to enable a full range of well control services for Canadian and North American operations and for rapid deployment internationally.
  • IWC prepares engineering reports identifying causation and provides expert testimony in the event of litigation against an “at fault” third party.
  • IWC is the preferred well control service provider for a group of Lloyds of London Syndicates that have instituted a “pay on behalf of” Control of Well program to expedite claim handling and the vendor payment process.
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Integrated Project Management

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  • IWC provides Integrated Project Management for any well control situation by coordinating Corporate and onsite operations for the Client.
  • IWC provides experienced personnel for firefighting and capping operations for North American and international Clients.
  • Integrated Project Management includes providing operational support in the Corporate Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) by assisting or directing operations with the On-Scene Commander and Incident Commanders to expedite control operations. Our primary goal is to maintain the safety of the onsite personnel, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.
  • Project management includes well control engineers attending the EOC or corporate meetings as requested by the Client to provide technical assistance and support operational planning.
  • IWC engineers assist the Client by providing risk assessments for specific well control scenarios, methods, or well control procedures to be implemented and evaluating contingency plans.
  • IWC provides an experienced oil and gas loss adjuster to assist the Client with the preparation of the claim to expedite the “pay on behalf of” well control insurance program and provide insight into the coverage provided by the policy.
  • IWC engineers provide technical reports identifying the cause of the blowout prepared on behalf of the Client as required by the Client.
  • IWC engineers have provided expert testimony and are available to represent the Client in situations involving litigation or determining the allocation of liability.