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Corporate Support

Risk Control Management

Risk Control Management is essential during all well control operations. Incomplete planning exposes the Client to potential risks involving third party damages and personal injury or potentially regressing in the control operation as a result of a surface equipment or downhole failure.

IWC onsite personnel and engineers are familiar with managing risk control and the necessary steps required to mitigate exposure to the Client. IWC provides operational risk management services to mitigate potential operational, financial and legal exposure to the Client at every stage of the control operation.

Engineering Reports

IWC engineers have extensive experience in preparing engineering reports for Clients, legal counsel and the regulatory agencies identifying incident causation for blowouts and well control related incidents and allocation of liability in the event there are multiple “at fault” third parties. Reports identify the cause(s) of the incident, but also include recommendations that can be used by the Client to strengthen their operations in order to prevent similar incidents.

IWC engineers have also prepared reports for fatality investigations to meet regulatory requirements on behalf of their Clients.

Expert Testimony

IWC engineers prepare technical reports identifying causation and have provided expert testimony regarding acceptable drilling practices, well control operations, blowouts and fatality inquiries.

Expert testimony has been provided for the following:

  • Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench

  • WorkSafeBC

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Absolute Dispute Resolution

  • Judicial Dispute Resolution