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Well Control Supervision

IWC engineers supervise all types of control operations using conventional and unconventional well control procedures involving tops kills, pump and bleed operations, frackover operations, and dynamic kills conducted from relief wells.

IWC engineers specialize in snubbing operations and top kills of wells following capping operations.

Technical Reports

Technical reports are prepared by the IWC engineers upon request identifying causation and include recommended procedures to avoid similar incidents. IWC engineers analyse the pre-incident data including information contained on the electronic drilling recorder and during the actual control operation to clearly identify the cause of the incident.

Relief Well Planning and Management

In certain circumstances where capping operations may be extended, the casing has been breached, or the structural integrity of the wellbore will not permit the pumping of kill fluids or the installation of snubbing or coil tubing units, then it may be necessary to implement a Relief Well Plan as a contingency plan. Furthermore, government regulators may mandate a relief well plan be developed concurrently with the actual well control operation as a potential contingency plan.

The IWC project management team assists with the planning of the relief well by providing the following:

  • Risk analysis specific to the relief well
  • Selection of surface locations – primary and secondary
  • Rig capabilities
  • Designing the relief well geometry to intercept the target at a specified kill depth
  • Supervise magnetic ranging tool measurements (Active and Passive) when casing and/or drill pipe are in the wellbore
  • Select the intercept point for hydraulic communication
  • Provide dynamic kill modelling
  • Calculate hydraulic horsepower requirements

Although a relief well is typically regarded as a last resort, it has become an important and viable control method for operations ranging from intercepting a blowout well to conducting selective abandonments.