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Our People

International Well Control Inc.

Peter McLelland, P. Eng

Peter has been engaged in all aspects of well control over the past 40 years including supervision of well control and blowout intervention operations, providing well control instruction, and authoring advanced well control manuals.  He is the dedicated service provider for well control operations for select oil and gas companies, provides engineering reports identifying causation for litigation and provides expert testimony for legal issues involving well control and drilling practices.

Maurice Engman

Maurice is an experienced first responder for blowouts having supervised wild well control personnel during numerous control operations. He has supervised blowout intervention operations both domestically and internationally throughout western Canada, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, South China Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Neil Stoyberg

Neil has been involved in fire protection, well control and blowout services since 1994. His experience also includes firefighting, large scale tank and land fill fires, hot tapping and well bore freezing.

Dan Eby, P.E.

Dan has 39 years of oilfield experience and since 1995 has worked in well control for major service providers in operations and engineering, drilling, blowouts and engineering projects in more than 40 countries. Dan is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas.

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